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Monday, October 26, 2009


This is a warning for everyone who is using the # 40 I Love This yarn from Hobby Lobby. IT BLEEDS!!!!!!!!! Even when washing in cold water it will turn your red and white blankets,hats and booties to red and pink! Hobby Lobby has been made aware of this problem for over a year and it still has NOT been corrected! One of the ladies in my group emailed them last year and they told her it should only happen once! well once is too many as thats all it takes to ruin all your hard work. I wrote them last week and have yet to hear anything back from them So if I were you I would NOT use the # 40 red. I have switched to red heart super saver in the cherry red. At least it does not bleed :-)Sorry to be so negative about such a wonderful product but I know alot of you are making Christmas items for the babies and wanted you to be aware of the problem.

1 comment:

  1. Good of you to let us know. Lucky, I've not purchased yarn from them lately, so I;m safe. Only happens once...gees, after it's ruined, it's ruined.

    Are they making things right for people with other yarn to replace?

    They should remove it from their shelves.