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Saturday, October 24, 2009

busy, busy

I am working hard as I can on Santa hats and preemie blankets. Here is 1 pic of some of the hats. I have not taken time to take pics of the blankets yet but hopefully soon. I am also getting ready to start stuffing some of the stockings as we go along here. today I rearranged some of my yarn and even though AC Moore is having a great sale starting tomorrow lets just say I DO NOT need anymore yarn. I need yarn aholics is what I need. I can't believe how much I have, its insane!!!!!! I need to stop and use up some of what I have. I keep telling myself that and then a sale comes along and there I go and come back with another bag full!!!!! lol.

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  1. Pull up a chair and join the group. It's a sickness and none of us can help it. We don't have AC Moore's here; but I had fun looking through one in Baltimore when I visited my daughter. Now she's back in St. Louis. Wonder if they exist there? I thought there pricing was very good, better than JoAnne and Hobby Lobby which is what I have here locally.

    Cute cute little hats. Where you sending your stockings too?