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Friday, August 13, 2010

10 more sweaters.

I have beat my goal of 100 sweaters. I am working on sweater number 144 at this moment. I am going to go till 150 & then thats it :-) time to start the holiday items for Halloween & Christmas along with regular baby blankets :-)


  1. Love all of these patterns but are they all from God's Tiny Angels patterns? If not could you please let us know where they are from and if they are free. thank you Christine (Australia_

  2. As above but also they names of the patterns if they are from God's Tiny Angels. thank you. Christine

  3. I used to have the pattern see in MVC-002S.JPG and made it for my first daughter 41 years ago. I've been looking for this ever since. Thanks for posting where I can go to find them. Beautiful work.