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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blankets 1 thru 8!

as you know Gods Tiny Angels is having a newborn blanket drive. Well I want to get 10 newborn blankets done by next Thursday as I have to go to the orthopedic dr and I don't know what the outcome is going to be. Just in case he tells me I can't crochet for a couple weeks I am trying to get them done. So here are blankets 1 thru 8 :-)


  1. Love them all, such nice colors and different patterns. I've not done a ripple in forever. What number did you use to make your chain and your hills and valleys, thats a very pretty one.

    Good luck with the doctor appointment. I will add your cause to my list; though being honest my to do list is huge and am no where near current.

    Am also adding you to the list of team members for the Bridge. Thanks

  2. I love them all. The colors are beautiful! I love the way the twin stitch looks for blankies. Beautiful work Danette!!

  3. hi Sandy, I chained 110 with G hook and the patterns is 4.3.4.skip 2

  4. Your blankets are beautiful, as usual. I was wondering, are they all made with 4-ply yarn?
    I have several colors of I Love This Yarn in 4-ply and would like to know if you ever use that for your blankets? Your colors in these blankets are so pretty and unusual. I love your handiwork! Hope you get a good report from your orthopedic doctor!


  5. Ruth, yes they are ALL made with 4ply yarn and some even with ILTY! It is becoming my favorite yarn! the last blanket is the new color of ILTY called agean stripe.