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Friday, October 31, 2014

few more baby items and scarf sets for a special project :-)


  1. As always such beautiful work Danette. Making a few blog visits, need to ask you a favor. Trying to follow up on people all of sudden having issues with captcha, which I've never enabled on my blog. Somehow, even though I've checked it a dozen times in the last month or so and it says it's not on, people are getting it when they try to leave comments. Would you pop over to Bridge and Beyond and leave a comment, then let me know what you get...what you see etc. Also, believe when a friend was trying to send me something, they signed me up for google+ (just in the last week) which I've never wanted and am trying to see how that might be impacting things. I'm making this comment just using my google ID, would you tell me where it takes you when you click on it, and then will leave a separate comment using the url from just the Bridge. Many thanks and keep up the good work with your charitable heart.

  2. Using the hyper link here for Bridge as you don't have name and url option, in order to test it also, thanks Danette.
    Bridge and Beyond