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Monday, April 22, 2013

Loss of my mom

This past Friday I lost my mom. I had just talked to her on Tuesday and she was in such a great mood. The last thing she said to me was " I love you Sissy". It is so hard knowing I will never hear her voice again. She was in a nursing home for rehab and was doing so good. I was so proud of her, The nursing home called her the social butterfly as she was never in here room, always out visiting other residents. :-) She loved going to church at the nursing home & if you came to visit you had to leave so she could go to church lol. My brother and I both found that after going to visit her on a Sunday. She was so proud of what I do for the babies and was always telling everyone what I do. She loved seeing all the pretty little items I make as well as what my members make. Yesterday my brother & I took her clothes & picked out her casket and made the final arrangements for her funeral tomorrow.Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow as it is really going to be a hard day. I love you mom to the moon & back. Rick and I will miss you so much. xoxo


  1. I know how hard this is. My Mother went to Heaven almost 8 years ago and we all still miss her but we know she is happy and living in a better place, waiting for all of us! She went unexpectedly. Just stay near Jesus and He will help you each step of the way. It does get better. I thank you for making the baby items and I enjoy seeing the new things you make. I also make preemie blankets for a local hospital for the little ones who do not live. It is a blessing to families and to me, too. Love & Prayers, J.