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Thursday, November 19, 2009

busy, busy!!!!!!!!!

sorry I do not have any pics to post but I am snowed under with Christmas items for the babies as my group is wrapping up the donations this week. I am crocheting very little right now. I have made a couple little dresses and 2 newborn blankets. I hope to have everything here ready to ship out Next Friday!! here is a pic of what my living room looks like. it is so full the rest is in my family room and on my kitchen table! lol. I will be taking 6 weeks off from receiving donations so I can enjoy the holidays with my family. I will be working on items during that time as most of you know we can't just stop crocheting lol.


  1. Look at all that -that so nice. Wow where on earth do you sit?

  2. I have a large family room and thats where we stay :-)

  3. Love the picture and sure relate to how things pile up. I'm lucky in that I can deliver my donations pretty constantly. Just passed off a large bag the other day. Remind who/which charity you're doing the baby items for, and what you need. Perhaps during the six week break, I can get some things ready.


  4. Maybe no pictures this time but I have always admired your work.

  5. SANDY, My charity is what I work for GODS TINY ANGELS. you can visit my site at