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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am still here :-)

I am still busy crocheting away. I have several more blankets done and quite a few sweaters/hats. I am working on our yearly sweater drive. started early since it is only for 1 month.

My birthday was on Saturday and it was ok. the best was when Beth called and sang Happy Birthday to me. that was so sweet. thank you Beth!! Went to dinner with hubby and Daniel and that was about it. got some money to buy yarn ( like I really need any) NOT!! LOL.

Mothers day I got up sick but still went to see my mom. Bless her heart she still looks so bad but I thought a little better. Her poor little legs are still purple and black from where she pulled the fridge over on herself. We still don't understand how that happened. It was great to see her. I got her nite shirts as she pretty much stays in them now and she was so happy. It was a pretty good day.

Been thinking I would love to add half a house to the back of my house for a craft room. I really need one bad!!! that is my dream to be able to put all my yarn in one room and just be able to go in there and pick out what I want to use. :-) that is my dream. We have been tossing it around but haven't made any decsions yet.

will post some pics soon :-)

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your mom recovers quickly from her accident. Thanks for all you do for the babies.